Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of hair can I use this product on?

Any type of hair. Beox keratin works best on extremely damaged & curly hair.  Most clients cannot get over how well it keeps the integrity of the hair, eliminates the frizz, & re-conditions the hair. Amazingly, this product gets progressively better. Each time you use it the better it is. Your client’s will love it.

How long does it last?

Approximately 2-4 Months. It depends upon how well your client takes care of their hair at home. The more damage they have the deeper the keratin can penetrate. Do they shampoo their hair frequently? Do they perspire frequently? Do they swim? If yes, they should immediately rinse their hair with water. Do they have well water & use a salt system? If yes, we recommend a good shower filter. There are many variables that are out of your control & in the client’s hands.

What is the minimum interval between applications?

30 Days. Some clients choose to have this done every month because it is a progressive treatment. Each time you use it the better it looks & feels.

Does it really work?

Yes, the result is marvelous. You'll get the volume reduction on your first application and the results are guaranteed. The Keratin treatment gives the hair the ability to remove years of damage & return to its healthy & shiny state. Be sure to use Sulfate Free Shampoo. Beox offers a Sulfate Free & Salt Free Shampoo.

After my Keratin treatment, how long must I wait to wash my hair?

You can shampoo your hair, with a sulfate free shampoo, only one hour after the service is complete.

What is ANVISA?

Our Brazilian Keratin treatment is registered with the Brazilian Health Board, ANVISA (The National Health Surveillance Agency). The institutional purpose of the agency is to foster protection of the health of the population by exercising sanitary control over production and marketing of products and services subject to sanitary surveillance. We adhere to extremely high standards to ensure excellent quality control of Beox keratin.

How to use the product

Wash the hair two times using the deep cleaning Beox clarifying shampoo. Dry the hair 80% (Chocolate) or 90% (Marrakech or Acai). Section the hair into four quarters starting at the nape of the neck. Take quarter inch sections applying product (shake before each use) from the root to the ends. Using a fine tooth comb, comb excess product out of hair. Complete application through out the head. Wait five minutes & blow dry (warm) product in hair 100%. Section the hair again into four quarters, taking quarter inch sections, using a flat iron at the temperature of 450 F. A 450F flat iron is a must. Beox Keratin will not work appropriately without a 450F flat Iron. Stroke the hair with the flat iron six (wavy) to ten (curly) times per section. If you choose, you can now shampoo your hair in 1 hour. Any questions, please call (866)-344-4158.

Is it safe to use in chemically treated hair?

Yes, it is safe for chemically treated hair.

Can I color or highlight my hair before or after the treatment?

You can apply Beox Keratin immediately after a color or highlight (perms, relaxers, or bleach too). If you apply the keratin treatment, please wait 2 weeks before you color or highlight.

Must I use a Sulfate Free &/or a Salt Free Shampoo?

Yes. If you used regular shampoo you will notice that the hair will go back to its previous state very quickly.

Also, you will notice your color treated hair last longer with both a sulfate free & salt free shampoo.

Can pregnant women use our Keratin Treatment?

Even though we use all natural ingredients, we do not recommend this for pregnant women.

How should the Keratin be stored?

In a cool or warm (room temperature) place. Do not keep inside a hot car or in freezing temperatures.